Past Military and Veteran Student Survey
You are invited to take part in a research survey about your experiences as a Military/Veteran Student. Your responses will be used to improve the collegiate experience of fellow service members currently enrolled at the University of Arkansas.
Your participation will require approximately 15-20 minutes.

Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. You can withdraw at any time without adversely affecting your relationship with anyone at the University of Arkansas. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and digital data will be stored in secure computer files.

If you have questions or want a copy or summary of this study’s results, you can contact the Veteran’s Resource and Information Center at the phone number and/or e-mail below. Thank you very much for your participation.

Veteran’s Resource and Information Center; 479-575-8742

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After withdrawal from the University of Arkansas, did you transfer to another institution to work toward your degree? *
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