The Fount Directory Application
Thank you for your interest in joining our growing public directory for motherhood photographers. The Fount Directory is open exclusively to photographers who have been featured on Fount from 2016 to current day. The Directory is currently updated once a month, and all listings must be requested using the form below.

is complimentary (at no cost) for any photographer featured on Fount in 2016-2018. A Basic Listing includes the photographer's name with a link to their website, and will be listed according to general location.

is open to any photographer featured on Fount in 2016 - 2018. A Premium Listing is more visually engaging, and provides further contact details about your business. It includes the photographer's name, website, a short bio, Instagram handle, 1-2 portfolio images, and up to three specific locations that your business serves. In addition, photographers with Premium Listings will also be included as a basic listing by their primary location. Each premium listing will be included in an easy to browse gallery, where viewers are able to learn about one photographer at a time. Photographers will be listed in this new gallery in order their listing was received & approved, and gallery order will be rotated once a month.

Premium Listings are currently available for $350 for six months. Payment will be requested upon application approval. As our directory grows, our design layout may adjust to fit the demand to remain user friendly for our community.

Please email any questions to

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Since Premium Listings are more visually engaging and include more information about you and your business, we need to collect a few more details!
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Please submit 1-2 portfolio images, sized at least 1000px wide. We require that all images be named "Business Name 01, Business Name 02", etc.

Images should have a motherhood focus. If you are submitting two, they should look well together visually. You may submit one square or horizontal image, or two vertical images.

Should you wish to update your featured portfolio image(s), for a $75 fee they may be changed once during your 6 month listing. Please contact us directly at to request an image change.

We will only accept portfolio images via the shared link to your Dropbox Folder. You create this link by selecting Share folder > Create Link. Do not simply copy the URL in your browser window as it will not work for us. We will not join shared folders.

Please test your link prior to submission to be sure it is valid, as we will automatically decline your listing request due to any non-working dropbox links in order to be as efficient as possible in our acceptance process.

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Thank you, please allow up to 1 week for a response. Our Directory is updated once a month.
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