Parent Survey for 2019-2020 School Year
DCS 2018-2019 School Year Title I Comprehensive Needs Assessment
In what grade is your child?
I attend Title I Parent meetings as often as possible.
Title I Funds (Federal Funds) are used effectively at my child's school.
I have input on how Federal Funds are spent in my school.
The 1% of my child's school's Federal Program allocation for Family Engagement is being used effectively.
I would like training or resource material on the following topic:
I would like for my child's school and/or district to offer free classes for parents on the following:
I would like for my child's school to offer information/classes on how to help my child in the following area:
How would you like to see Title I Family Engagement Funds spent at the school and/or district level?
Students see a relationship between what they are studying and their everyday lives.
The educational program offered to students in our school is of high quality.
The instructional programs and resources in our school meet the needs of special population students (ex. handicapped, learning disabled, gifted and talented, English Language Learners, etc.)
Our school is doing a good job in the following area(s):
Our school actively promotes parent/teacher communication.
Parents are informed of the school's policies.
Reports concerning my child's progress (report cards, progress reports, etc.) are informative.
My school is actively involved in the community.
Teachers and administrators in our school consistently enforce school rules.
I am satisfied with the way students are treated by teachers, administrators and counselors.
The school's grading policies are administered fairly.
The school provides a clean, well-maintained and pleasant environment for learning.
The school has effective procedures for addressing school safety that are practiced through drills.
I am satisfied with the way students are treated by teachers, administrators and counselors.
Teachers at my school are highly qualified in their subject area.
Access to college credit courses for my child is important.
School-provided transportation for after-school tutoring is important to my child's ability to participate.
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