Reading Catholic Youth Ministry Parent/Guardian Feedback Survey - Summer 2017
We are constantly striving to effectively and fruitfully serve our Catholic youth in Reading. In order to improve our outreach to our teens, we'd like to know your thoughts about the St. Athanasius and St. Agnes Youth Ministry Program. Your input is important to us and thank you for your time in completing this short nine-question survey!

For the purposes of this exercise, we define "youth ministry" as any offering for teens, outside of religious education classes, through St. Athanasius Parish by Youth Minister Brad Agostinelli. We generally organize these programs for youth in grades 6-12.
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Are you aware that there is a Catholic youth ministry program for teens in Reading? *
Has your teen(s) participated in any of our youth ministry offerings? (Trips to Cor Unum Meal Center, Youth Nights, service projects, fundraisers, Family Masses, etc.) *
From your perspective as a parent/guardian, what are some obstacles that would prevent your teen(s) from involvement in Catholic youth ministry? *
In what kinds of youth ministry programs would you be interested in having your teen(s) involved? *
The role of parents/guardians is invaluable in the spiritual growth of our teens. How can we help you better support your teen(s) in their Catholic faith?
Your answer
In order to develop a sustainable faith community among our youth, we need faithful adult volunteers to support our teens and contribute to the mission. Would you be interested in volunteering for any of our youth ministry events or groups? If yes, please include your name and contact information at the bottom of the survey. *
Would you like to see your teen(s) more engaged in their Catholic faith? *
You're most welcome to share any other thoughts, reflections, experiences, concerns, or suggestions for the St. Athanasius and St. Agnes Youth Ministry Program.
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Please leave your name and contact information if you are open to serving as a volunteer for the St. Athanasius and St. Agnes Youth Ministry Program.
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Thank you for your time in completing this survey! Raising our youth in the faith is a team effort and we look forward to working with you in such a holy and worthy mission. Please pray that our teens may get to know Jesus and allow Him to change their lives. Feel free to reach out to me, Youth Minister Brad Agostinelli, with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for our Catholic youth in Reading:
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