InziderX Bitcointalk Signature Campaign
The Signature must be kept until the end of the campaign (24 Weeks).
Removing the signature before that date will result in disqualification.

During this period you must create a minimum of 3 posts/week on Bitcointalk mentioning InziderX
& over-all 10 Posts/Week on Bitcointalk in order to be considered eligible.

Only posts that are useful, constructive, and grammatically correct will be eligible towards the 10 posts/week goal.
A post must have a minimum length of 70 characters to be counted towards the post goal.
Posts with less characters will not be taken into consideration.

Users that post all of their posts for a week in one single day will be disqualified.
Your posts should be spread during the whole duration of the week.

Posts on the following boards (and their child boards) are not eligible:
Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Marketplace, Marketplace (Altcoins).

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