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請告訴我您的姓名! Can I get your full name? *
您的電子信箱?And what's your email address? (我將寄給您報名確認函,以及課程的相關資訊。I'll use it to send you a confirmation letter and course related information) *
您願意訂閱卓雅& Womb-Moon 的電子報嗎?Would you like to subscribe to Zoya Lu & Womb-Moon mailing list? (您將免費下載有引導的Womb-Moon練習及冥想 +月經週期 和Womb-Moon4 個階段和相關能量原型的指南 + 和其他免費資源。您隨時都可以透過信件中的連結取消訂閱。You'll get access to downloadable guided Womb-Moon audio practices and meditations + free menstrual cycle guide + a video training with a 5-step method to safely process anger. You can unsubscribe anytime with the link that is at the bottom of every email.) *
您參加過卓雅的工作坊、課程或私人療程嗎?Have you participated in Zoya's workshops, courses or private programs before? *
請告訴我您參加此次課程的原因。是什麼令您有興趣參加?有沒有特定的目標或渴望?Let me know your reasons for participating in this course. What's sparked your interest? Any particular goals or desires? (您坦承、敞開的答案將被保密,並幫助我更好的為您服務。Your honest, vulnerable answer will stay confidential and help me to serve you better.) *
對課程有任何問題嗎?Any questions about the course? (請在此提問,我將以電郵回覆您。Write them here and I'll get back to you later via email.)
最後,可以告訴我您是如何得知這個工作坊/課程的嗎?And finally, would you mind telling me how you heard about this workshop/course?
請留意在您寄出這封問卷,以及完成全額的轉帳付費後,即完成報名。Please note that your seat is booked only after you submit this form AND transfer the full payment: 編號 Bank code:013 國泰世華銀行Cathay United Bank帳號 Account number:2185-0604-2581 戶名 Name:卓雅 請將轉帳收據的照片(隱藏帳戶餘額)寄到 zoyaembodiment@gmail.com Please email a photo of your receipt (mask the balance) to zoyaembodiment@gmail.com 如有任何問題,請隨時致電:0976293238 If any questions don't hesitate to call me: 0976293238. 注意:請於三日內完成付費報名。超過三天,名額就會讓給候補的學員。按下「寄送」即代表您知悉並同意:由於名額限制,報名費一旦支付便不可退費。Important: Please pay the participation fee within the next 3 days. If payment is not received, after 3 days your seat is given to the next person in line. By pressing “submit” button you agree that due to the limited number of participants, the participation fee once paid is strictly non-refundable. 謝謝您!希望您和我一樣地興奮且期待!Thank you! I hope you're excited as I am :) *
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