Peer Data Review for local journalists covering COVID-19: Sign up for feedback about your data story
Our communities are relying on local newsrooms to help them navigate the global COVID-19 outbreak, and right now the data we're working with is often hard to find, confusing, and shifting fast. Data journalism can be stressful even when we _aren't_ in crisis: What if I'm looking at the numbers wrong? What if I missed something? What if I messed up the math? What do I do next?

Talking with a colleague is one of the best ways to answer those questions and feel confident in your reporting. If you work on a small team and don't have someone nearby to compare notes with, we can help. Tell us a bit about your project, and we'll do our best to connect you with a peer coach who can work with you to think through your reporting and analysis.

This program is designed to support coverage related to COVID-19. It's for journalists who:

* are part of a local or regional newsroom,
* come from an underrepresented background in data journalism,
* or otherwise don't have many colleagues who do data journalism

And it's for stories and projects where you already have the data and:

* aren't sure it says what you think it says,
* don't have a colleague to double-check your analysis,
* or just aren't quite sure what to do next

We ran a pilot version of Peer Data Review a few months ago, and we know it works: Coaches will be experienced data journalists who can volunteer a couple hours of time to work through your questions with you. You'll find a lot more information about this data-review program on our project page:

We can't wait to hear about the projects you want to work on. We can't promise we'll be able to connect every project with a coach, but all the information you share here (as well as any conversations that take place as part of the program) will remain private. Have any questions? Please reach out to:
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Your organization
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Tell us about the data you have
What's the data about? Where did it come from? How big of a dataset is it? What format is it in? If you can paste in a link, that's EVEN BETTER. (Answers in this form will only be seen by coaches and OpenNews staff, and we'll keep everything you share private. The more detail you can share about your data, the better, but if you still don't feel comfortable sharing a link yet, that's fine.)
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Tell us about what you hope to do with the data
Are you planning a story? A series? An interactive? It's totally OK if you aren't sure yet.
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What kind of experience do you have with data projects like this?
It's really helpful for us to know what feels new to you and what feels familiar.
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If you've already started your analysis, what program or tools are you using?
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Are there specific questions you'd like to talk through with a peer coach?
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Help us make this program better!
Tell us a bit more about you and your work
We want to make programs like this as helpful as they can be, so we'd love to know more about where you're coming from and what brought you here!
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How did you hear about this program?
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Members of underrepresented communities
We're committed to supporting participants to attend who reflect the diversity of the communities we work in. This question is strictly optional and all answers are confidential—we may discuss our demographic data in aggregate, but we will never reveal specific answers. If you are comfortable doing so, please check any boxes that apply to you. Do you identify as a:
Please note those underrepresented groups here:
(If you checked "Member of another group underrepresented in journalism or technology")
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Anything else we should know?
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