Northmead Uniting Netball Club 2019 Registration form
The following information is kept by Northmead Netball Club and used for the following purposes only: Registration of the player to play within the District; Insurance purposes for Northmead Uniting Church and Gooden Reserve Netball Association; Contact details for communicating information from the club, the Association (through email, text and Team App) and the church; and to alert members of the club to potential health concerns. These details are not given to any other organisation, for any other purposes.
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Parents contact details are required for players under 16
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Parents contact details are required for players under 16
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Which team/coach did you play with in 2018?
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Name of friend you would like to be in a team with
We do our best to ensure girls play with their friends
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School attending (if applicable)
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Year at school in 2019 (if applicable) *
We use year at school to determine which division players are in
How many years have you been playing netball? *
Do you need to order a club polo shirt ?
The Northmead Uniting Club Polo is compulsory for all players (excludes fun net). Only answer this question if you need to purchase one, so we know what sizes to order. Club shirts are $30 each
Do you need to order a sun visor for 2019?
Northmead Uniting will be placing an order for Sun Visors - Visors are $10 each and payable upon pickup. If you would like one for the start of season please select quantity required below.
Are you interested in Coaching in 2019?
Northmead Uniting Netball Club relies on the participation of players and their families in a variety of areas. Coaching can be a rewarding experience and an excellent opportunity to participate along side your child/ren. Are you interested in coaching your child/ren's team or any team? No experience necessary.
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Have you previously Coached?
We will be holding a Coaching clinic in 2019 which we will be offering to all coaches new and seasoned - more details will be provided in early 2019.
Are you interested in Umpiring in 2019?
We will be holding a clinic before the season (usually early March) which all umpires will be requested to attend - we will send out more details early in 2019.
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Have you previously Umpired?
If Yes, how many years have you umpired ?
Training - which nights suits you?
We train on either Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays afternoons/evenings. We will try to do our best to suit your preference, but please note sometimes it is not always possible. Fun net & Opens do not train.
Team & Parent Responsibilities
Scorer & Crowd Control - Required Each Week
Each team must provide every week a Scorer (min age 16) and a Crowd Control person (min age 18). To ensure the same people are not doing this every week, team manager or coach will roster families.

Canteen & Timing – 4 Persons between one and two times throughout the season
A roster for canteen and timing duties will be distributed by the Gooden Association prior to the start of season & mid season. All teams within the competition, at some point throughout the season, will be rostered on and MUST provide parents to perform these duties. How the parents of the team organise who does what is up to them. If parents fail to turn up on their scheduled day and time, the team will lose 1 point off their overall score on the leader board.
For those who are rostered on for the 12:00pm-2:00pm time slot, you will also be required to setup the courts. This involves placing the pads around all the netball posts on all courts, putting up the Sub Junior rings on Courts 1, 2 and 3, as well as giving the courts a sweep to remove any debris that may be on the surface.
Many hands make light work.

Northmead Uniting Netball Club relies on the participation of players and their families in a variety of areas.
Active participation as a coach, umpire or in any other capacity can be a rewarding opportunity and is encouraged by the Club. We encourage everyone to be involved in some way although obviously we understand in some situations this may not be possible.
Are you able to offer your services in any way?
If you require more information about any of these roles, please email us on for a position description.
Other information relating to volunteering
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Do you suffer from any allergies or medical conditions?
If yes please provide details
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Emergency Contact Information
Name *
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Relationship *
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Contact Number *
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Where did you hear about us? *
Please note the following conditions of enrolment. I understand:

- Players play at their own risk
- Full Registration form must be completed prior to the first game of the season. Failure to do so will result in the player not being allow to take the court due to insurance requirements
- Fees are charged on an annual basis, and must be paid prior to the first game in 2019 - date / payment details to be advised once player/ team are confirmed.
* Those able to claim Active Kids Vouchers for 2019 - vouchers will be accepted in 2019 again.
- Young children must be supervised by a responsible adult during game time and must not interfere with games.
- The correct Northmead uniform must be worn at every game, which includes appropriate footwear, Northmead White polo shirt and Emerald green skirt, black bikepants and leggings for opens players (if exceptions are required please speak to division manager)
- Players agree to remove jewellery before games (taped wedding rings are an exception) and to have short nails for each game.
- Photographs may be taken throughout the season to be used at presentation day and on the GRNA social media sites - this may include Northmead & GRNA facebook pages and GRNA Team App.
- Northmead Netball Club reserves the right to perform first aid as necessary in an emergency and consent to my child/ren and to be taken to a medical facility or hospital for treatment if required.
- A player and parent code of conduct declaration will be distributed once registration has been confirmed. All players from all divisions and all regular spectators will be required to sign and return this declaration before the first game of the season. Failure to do so will result in players not being allowed to take the court.
- Each team will be required to supply a Scorer and Crowd Control person/s each week.
- Each team will be rostered on canteen and time-keeping between one and two times throughout the season.
Except in extenuating circumstances all parents/players are required to participate in this roster.
- Gooden Reserve Association uses Team App to keep players informed of game schedules, wet weather and general information. Your mobile phone and email address provided will be used to send you an invitation to this FREE app once you have been placed in a team for 2019.

I understand and agree to these terms and conditions *
Registration and Payment
You will receive a confirmation of registration. Please allow 2 weeks for receipt of confirmation.

Once player and teams have been confirmed, we will send email advising payments details for direct deposit.

If you have any questions please email

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