Guide to Developing the Traumatic Timeline
Part of treatment involves completing a traumatic timeline.

List in chronological order, from the present to conception/birth, all events that you think may have constituted a "shock to your system."

Don't worry if you can't remember everything or forget the order of certain events. Your timeline can and will be amended throughout treatment.

Moreover, it is only a guide: priority is always given to your contemporary situation, which often provides the most accurate insight into past circumstances.

Timeline Example:
June 2011 - end of long-term relationship; felt betrayed, deep-seated anger and resentment. My partner falsely accused me of infidelity.
Christmas Holidays 2010 - took Amoxil for pneumonia. Symptoms lingered for over a month.
September 2010 - vaccination for travel - Hep B, Yellow Fever
March 2010 - car accident; rear ended; whiplash

View a longer example online:

Please consider the following types of events as possible shocks or traumas:

Pre-birth: any drugs, alcohol, smoking, severe illnesses or emotional distress in mother during pregnancy; ultrasound or other invasive testing.
Birth: difficult labour; forceps; use of anaesthetics on mother; late breathing or other possible oxygen deprivation.
Vaccinations: dates, if possible, of first vaccination of each kind (ignore booster shots)
Accidents: car accidents, falls, blows to the head, concussions, broken bones, animal bites
Surgical Interventions: organ removal, dental work, abdominal surgery (including Caesarean sections), circumcision, vasectomy, hysterectomy
Drug use: antibiotics, anti-depressants, recreational drugs, etc.
Hormones: oral contraception, hormone replacement therapy, IVF, etc.
Severe Infections: Lymes disease, mononucleosis, measles, chicken pox, pneumonia, TB, etc.
Electrical Shocks (including medical treatment)

Traumas involving loss, abandonment, grief, betrayal (e.g. death, loss of trust, relationship break-ups, job loss)
Traumas involving great fear/anxiety, stress (e.g. break and enter while you were home)
Traumas involving anger and indignation/humiliation or guilt
Traumas involving abuse, whether mental, emotional, or sexual

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