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2 - Masters in Film by Negotiated Learning
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5 - Academic / Professional Qualifications
Please provide full details including course name and institution. DO NOT use abbreviations. Please send scans of your certificates to postgraduate@raindance.co.uk.
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6 - English Language
If you do not have a first degree from an English language University or College, please provide any evidence of your ability in the use of the English language and email us your certificates, if available, to postgraduate@raindance.co.uk
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8 - Name and Address of Referees
You are normally expected to provide two academic references from people (not a relative) who have direct knowledge of your work.
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2nd Reference
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9 - Disability / Special Needs
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10 - Where did you hear about the Raindance Postgraduate Degree?
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11 - Criminal Convictions
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