Workplace Situational Survey

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    1. There have been a few instances when I have questioned my own abilities.
    2. It is sometimes hard for me to continue my work if I am not motivated.
    3. If an employee is seen taking something that does not belong to him/her, sometimes it is best to keep quiet and not get involved.
    4. In general, I believe that the only way to get ahead is to play fair.
    5. It is understandable why people who work with money are more tempted to steal than those who don’t work with money.
    6. Telling the complete truth is always the best way to handle any situation.
    7. Today’s working environment causes people to do things they normally would not do.
    8. Employees who are caught stealing from their employer should be terminated immediately rather than given a second chance.
    9. If a company finds out that its best employee lied about his/her credentials on the job application, the company should terminate the employee immediately.
    10. Most employers make too much out of illegal drug use in the workplace.
    11. Sometimes the increase in work productivity that is observed in some people who use illegal drugs justifies their illegal drug use on the job.
    12. Strict enforcement of drug testing policies will make for a safer workplace.
    13. Illegal drug users are all more prone to engage in other unproductive behaviors on the job.
    14. Being under the influence of illegal drugs at work is not as dangerous as everyone thinks
    15. As long as employees continue to perform in a safe and effective manner at work, whether or not they are under the influence of illegal drugs should not be an issue.
    16. It is difficult for employees to perform in a satisfactory manner if they are under the influence of illegal drugs.
    17. In order to succeed in today’s world, one has to break the rules a bit.
    18. If employers would have fewer policies and procedures there would be less negative employee conduct.
    19. If a majority of employees disagree with their manager’s policies, they have the right to change them a little, as long as no one gets hurt.
    20. Most people have been fired from at least one previous job.
    21. Rules were made to be questioned. 
    22. Employees who always do what they are told usually do so out of fear of being terminated.
    23. It takes great effort at times to stay within the rules. 
    24. Companies’ policies tend to be too strict. To be productive, employees should not be as restricted as they usually are
    25. Most people truly care about others.
    26. In today’s working environment, it is easy to feel good about the work that one does.
    27. The thought of hurting someone is a natural feeling. 
    28. There is nothing wrong with behaving violently at work if one feels one is being taken advantage of or being treated unfairly.
    29. It is natural to get involved in a physical fight once in a while.
    30. Most employers care about the welfare of their employees.
    31. Some of my friends would consider me to have a short temper.
    32. I have never told a lie to avoid negative consequences.
    33. I sometimes disagree with the opinions of my manager. 
    34. I sometimes get upset when things do not go my way. 
    35. Being completely truthful about everything can lead to more trouble than telling a little harmless lie now and then.
    36. Companies that try to screen out employees who could potentially steal from them are wasting their time and money.
    37. Most employees feel that their employer treats them fairly.
    38. Not telling the truth is sometimes a better way to avoid a conflict.
    39. When it is advantageous to lie, most people will.
    40. People’s behaviors are usually guided by the thought, “What’s in it for me?”
    41. Most supervisors tend to believe what their employees have to say.
    42. Much of the stealing that goes on in companies stems from the inequities that employees experience.
    43. Using illegal drugs at work every so often is not as serious a problem as using them on a regular basis.
    44. Even if nobody is getting hurt, the use of illegal drugs in the workplace should be looked at as a serious problem.
    45. Working under the influence of illegal drugs is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted.
    46. Illegal drug-use at work usually results in expensive consequences for the employer.
    47. Managers and supervisors need to be more strict in enforcing illegal drug-use policies.
    48. Employees who use illegal drugs at work can usually function effectively.
    49. Formal, illegal drug-use policies in the workplace are important for maintaining a safe, drug-free working environment.
    50. Illegal drug-use at work always leads to an unsafe working environment.
    51. While it is important to stick to company policies, bending the rules now and then is O.K.
    52. People who bend the rules should be left alone as long as their job performance is satisfactory.
    53. Sometimes it is not worth taking the time to understand all of the company’s rules.
    54. People who are always testing their supervisors are annoying.
    55. Few employees do exactly as their supervisors ask them to do.
    56. Coworkers will tend to go behind another’s back if something good will come out of it.
    57. It is almost impossible to keep employees happy all of the time.
    58. There are no legitimate reasons for ever hitting anyone. 
    59. No matter how unfairly one is treated, one should never resort to physical harm.
    60. Sexual harassment is a form of hostile behavior. 
    61. There are times when I get the urge to strike someone. 
    62. If I am provoked enough, I may hit another person. 
    63. There have been times when I have been pushed so far that I have had to strike the person(s).
    64. Fighting back is always the best way to handle a a potentially violent situation.
    65. I tend to get into arguments when others disagree with me.
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