MeetEdgar Director of Marketing
Full time, remote (North America only)

We’re a self-funded SaaS company with 25 employees, half a dozen dogs, 7000 customers, and a new social media update sent out every 15 seconds.

What we’re looking for now is YOU - our next director of marketing, who can guide our strategy and take our growth to the next level!

We’re bootstrapped and profitable, and are now doing $4 million ARR three and a half years after launch. This is a large-scale online marketing position, not sales - so if you know how to rock trade shows but don’t know how to build a funnel, this isn’t the right fit for you. If you want to lead our intrepid team of writers, developers, and data research-y people with a solid strategic vision, though, keep on reading!

About You
Not to toot your own horn or anything, but you’re pretty darn good at:

- Strategy - You’ve got that Master Plan vision of the story we’re telling, the thing we’re selling, and the strategies we’re putting in place today, tomorrow, and next year.

- Coaching - You make sure that your team is happy, thriving, and clear on their career path while doing their best work. You look for opportunities for growth and give constructive, useful feedback.

What does all that actually mean for you and your working style? It means you’re pragmatic - your feet are planted firmly in the resources and budget we’re actually working with, and you know how to make it work with what you’ve got. You’re strategic enough to take an idea and hone in on what’ll make it work (or NOT work), and you trust your team to do what they do best.

Like a tourist at the Sistine Chapel, you’re focused on the big picture - you’re aware of the larger story that all of our marketing assets work together to tell, and you love finding new pieces to fit into that puzzle. From brainstorming new things we can try to guiding projects from teammate to teammate on their path to completion, you’ve got a knack for both strategic thinking and making sure stuff actually, you know, happens.

We call this position our "marketing advocate" because you advocate in many different ways. You advocate for every individual on your team, making sure they have the resources and support to do their greatest work. You also advocate for marketing's role within our company, making sure that your team is well-resourced and that its strategy is aligned with the larger company goals.

Job Deets Cheat Sheet
Your responsibilities:
● Work with our leadership team to fit marketing into our company-wide strategic plan, and ensure that marketing, product, and dev are all working toward the same goals
● Determine the goals, priorities, and strategic plan for marketing
● Run and improve department meetings
● Mentor your team and help them do their best work
● Look for bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your department and find solutions
● Own your numbers - your team has individual areas of ownership, but at the end of the day, you’re responsible for growing our user base month over month
● Manage cross-department or more complex projects (your team will manage their ongoing tasks, but you will step in to head up bigger projects)
● Implement marketing work where needed (you’ve got the basic know-how to throw together a line of copy or whip up the occasional Canva graphic)
● Own marketing quality - we do not follow an approval model, so our team is responsible for the quality of everything they ship. You make sure that the bar is raised high.

Your team:
● Two copywriters
● PT Designer
● Data/analytics pro who also manages our paid advertising
● Project manager who also manages our outreach/PR/partnerships
● Developer/make-tech-things-happen-er

You can peek at how the company itself is structured right here in our handbook:

Our marketing strategy is content first and organic first. We’re a 100% self-serve SaaS business (we do not have any kind of sales team, and plan to remain that way) and we love the share-ability and track-ability of online marketing! Your current stack is basically:
● Content marketing
● Email marketing
● Organic social
● Paid acquisition
● Partnerships/outreach

Sound good so far? Okay, keep going!

What We Believe About Marketing
Everybody's got a fancy schmancy marketing philosophy these days. Want to make sure your style matches with ours? Here's what makes us go:

Combine instinct with evidence
Use your gut to create hypotheses, and data to test them. Always use reason to question if the data you’re seeing is correct - and if a result just doesn’t make sense to you, keep pushing it with more tests or analysis to make sure, instead of blindly taking it as gospel. (If you've ever said "correlation isn't causation," this is probably you.)

Always favor repeatable tactics
Don't sink too much time or too many resources into something you can only do once. (For example, setting up an affiliate relationship for one mailout.) Always prioritize tactics that you can put on repeat if they succeed.

Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t
Get brutally honest about if a tactic is working - if it is, ramp it up as much as possible! If it isn’t, drop it so you can focus more on what DOES work.

Beware of the sunk cost fallacy
It’s hard to let go of things that aren't working when we've put a lot of time and effort into them. Don’t keep throwing time and money at a piece of coal on the chance it'll turn into a diamond - ditch it, and move on.

Look for the early signs of results
We've found that you can tell pretty quickly if something is going well - it may take some time to build up big numbers, but you’ll get an energy around it right away. We have NOT found it useful to keep slogging away at something that just isn’t generating any interest/engagement/attention.

Go for the biggest opportunities first
There’s no need to take baby steps all the time - pitch the largest conferences and most popular blogs, go for the biggest traffic channels, attempt the biggest bites of cheesecake. It usually doesn't take 10x the work to get 10x the results - it’s just a matter of putting in different work. (As an inspirational poster might say, work smarter, not harder.)

To learn more about our marketing philosophy, check out this interview with our founder Laura Roeder:

Why You’ll Love This Job
A killer team
Spreading the word about our rad product is just as important to the success of our company as actually *having* a rad product. You'll be leading a fully fleshed-out team of talented people - not one or two overworked do-it-all types trying to crank out landing pages while stress-crying.

No red tape
You don’t have to run it by purchasing. You don’t have to wait three months for approval from upper management while your idea loses momentum and dies on the vine. You just do the thing you want to do.

A product that people actually love
Putting lipstick on a pig in a metaphorical way can be even more demoralizing than trying to ACTUALLY put lipstick on a pig. Instead, you'll get to market a product with a passionate and devoted fanbase, and that delivers a lot of real value to its users! (You don't have to trust us on that. Google "MeetEdgar reviews" if you want.)

Big company execution power, small company autonomy
At 25 people (or so), we’re bigger than the tiny companies that have you figure out your own health insurance and just assume you’ll also be the in-house graphic designer and video editor - but we’re also SMALLER than the companies that take forever to get anything done because there are so many hurdles to clear for every little thing. We’re the perfect blend of resources and agility, if we do say so ourselves.

40-hour workweeks
One of the biggest benefits we offer is 40-hour workweeks - every week, all year (except for your 4 weeks paid time off, of course). Yes, it's equally shameful and weird that this is rare enough for us to have to mention it. Yes, if your coworkers catch you responding to emails after hours or signing in to Slack on your day off, they will harass you mercilessly.

About Us
We’re a small team of 25-ish people, all working remotely across the US & Canada. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and super-futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual company-funded retreat week where we work together on cool projects all day and rock the karaoke mic all night. (Spoiler alert: This means you have to be willing and able to travel to those retreats! The karaoke, however, is optional.)

We’re proudly bootstrapped and profitable, which means we get to turn down VC money a lot and keep doing things the way we like. We’re pretty serious about building and maintaining an awesome, positive company culture, so, you know, no jerks.

We'll probably get along if you’re someone who wants to be creative, have a pretty-serious-but-not-inhuman amount of responsibility, and work with people who make going to work not suck. (And be one of those people yourself. We like those people.)

(And on that note, we’re an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.)

Want to learn more? You can:
Check out our employee handbook:
Preview what happens your first day on the job:
Go in-depth on the perks & benefits:

You can also learn more at and by watching this video (please watch it, it was mad expensive):

Meet Team Edgar
Perks & Benefits
- Work from home (or wherever there’s strong wifi)
- 4 weeks paid vacation (Shazam! And yes, everyone actually uses all 4 weeks)
- Monthly cleaning service for your home - not that we don't have total faith in you
- Paid home Internet service
- Co-working space/coffee shop working expenses
- Coverage for health, dental, and vision for you and your fam
- 401(k) with matching
- An extra paid day off per quarter so you can volunteer in your community (awww)
- New Mac laptop (#blessed)
- Books, conferences, and other educational resources to help you be even more amazing at what you do!
- TSA pre-check to make getting to retreats and conferences a breeze
- Check ‘em out in even more detail here (you know you’re curious)

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