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Liberia is not free politically, economically or culturally because Liberia was not created by the people of Liberia. Liberia is a colony of the United States created by an act of the US Congress to fulfill American domestic and foreign policy agenda. The founding fathers of Liberia were not "freed American slaves." Rather, it was the US Government in partnership with high ranking corrupt American government officials who were also owners of slaves. The American slaves owners wanted to protect their private property -African Slaves. They used their government positions, American taxes, the force of the US Navy and an act of Congress to create an American colony they named Liberia. There is not a single monument or city in Liberia named in honor of abolitionists who fought and died to end slavery. Instead, Liberia honors brutal slave masters who never freed their slaves: Monrovia-US President James Monroe, Bushrod Island- US Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Bushrod Washington, Marshall Territory-US Chief Justice Marshall. With the top opposition and ruling party politicians all enjoying both American and Liberian passports, Liberia is doomed and deserves a rebirth-a new constitution designed by the people, not the politicians. Meanwhile, according to American and Liberian laws, "all Liberians are entitled to all privileges enjoyed by citizens of the United States. We start this movement with focusing on the opportunities for all Liberians hidden and denied for 200 years as we demand damages for two centuries of illegal colonization from our colonial master, the United States of America and dead American slave masters.
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