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Do you want to appear as a featured member inside one of our episodes of "Eana Mokri - The LearnNa'vi Podcast"? You can use this form to sign up for it!
We will "collect" candidates and contact you via Discord or e-mail once it's your turn :D

FYI, if you don't use Audacity (or similar) or are not willing to stay up late/get up early for recording, it won't be a "make-or-break" situation, since we can work around that. Yet, the other points are somewhat essential :P

Btw, recording most likely will take place on Saturdays between 9 and 11pm UTC or on Sundays @ 5pm UTC. Once you've been "chosen" to appear in the next episode, you'll be given a document in which you'll find the questions we'll be asking you, so you'll be able to prepare for the interview.

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I have a working microphone set up, so I'll be able to speak in voicechat and be interviewed. *
I have Discord installed and ready to go. If not, I'm willing to get it. *
I'm willing to attend the respective recording session no matter the time of day (for this, timezones won't matter to me). *
I have a stable internet connection (at least stable and fast enough for lag-free voicechat in Discord). *
I have Audacity (or a similar program) installed and know how to use it in order to record my own voice. *
I'm able to understand English on an advanced conversational level and am able to speak it on at least an intermediate level. *
Anything else you might want to add? Let us know!
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