The State of The Orchestration Landscape
A short survey outlining the current orchestration landscape.
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How big is your organization?
Which industry are you part of?
What are your top business drivers?
Your Cloud
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Which IaaS are you currently using?
Which emerging Enterprise Ops technologies interest you?
What's the most important feature to you when it comes to Cloud?
Your Delivery
Tell us a little about your delivery models
What kind of workloads are being controlled with an orchestrator or a similar management platform?
Which cloud management or orchestration tools do you use, or have considered using?
Which aspects of cloud management are most critical to your organization? (Check 3 that apply)
Which open source tools / solutions types did you qualify in the last year?
Your Team / Organization
Tell us a little about your methods
What is the distribution in your organization between a DIY approach and turnkey solutions?
Does Ops join software delivery meetings?
Do you have separate organizations for IT and networking?
Do you feel your organization suffers from siloism?
How long does it take your organization to adopt new technology?
Who are the key influencers/champions in this process?
What is the biggest hindrance to adopting new technologies?
Do you want to add any other information about your use case, technology stack or any additional information?
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