Dycoin listing on TopBTC exchange
Dylyver team plans to list Dycoin tokens on TopBTC (top 20 exchange by daily adjusted volume). We need YOUR valuables VOTES to get us there. We are announcing a voting competition to reward our top participants/voters.

Prizes (for top voters):
1st place: 8,000 DYC (worth $800)
2nd place: 5,000 DYC (worth $500)
3rd place: 3,000 DYC (worth $300)

We will offer 100 DYC tokens to participants that will cast at least 1000 votes.

1. Go to https://www.topbtc.com/index/vote
2. Sign up to TopBTC exchange (no KYC required for voting) and vote for Dycoin token.
3. Send us a screenshot of your votes. Submit the form.

Voting deadline is 2018 November 26. Winners will be announced after the voting is closed.

*Only holders of TopB tokens can vote. Price of one TopB token is only 0.00014533 ETH ($0.027). One TopB token gives you 50 votes.

Dylyver telegram group: https://t.me/dylyverchat
Dylyver twitter: https://ico.dylyver.com/

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