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Although pools are currently closed, they will need lifeguards on duty once they reopen!

Be ready by getting FREE ACCESS to the Red Cross Lifeguarding Online Coursework!

Complete the coursework while you're home and be ready when hiring season starts.

Complete the form, cut the line, and get connected to lifeguarding jobs in Las Vegas! #VegasStrong #SummerisComing
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READ THE FOLLOWING: NOTICE 1: At the end of this survey, you will be given a link to the online portion of the Red Cross lifeguard training. The link only gives free access to the online blended learning portion. NOTICE 2: After completion, you will be notified once in-person Lifeguard courses become available again. Once notified, you will give your online completion certificate to a trainer/employer to register for the in-water portion of the Lifeguarding Blended Learning course. NOTICE 3: While the online-portion is free access, be aware that once in-water courses become available through a trainer or employer you will need to pay and register to complete the certification course. NOTICE 4: The Red Cross lifeguarding course costs about ~$170 and may or may not include a required pocket mask (~$10) depending on the provider. Be aware that many pools offer discounted trainings for future employees and that funds are available to assist with certification costs. *
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