SOAS Burmese language modules online 2020-21
This year, the COVID-19 situation means that teaching at SOAS, University of London, will take place online for much of the academic year 2020-2021. We have the opportunity to make available SOAS's existing Burmese language modules to non-deɡree students online.

UPDATE 1st July 2020
Only Burmese Language 2 is confirmed as running.
Burmese Language 1A, 1B and Burmese Language and texts will not run 20-21. We will be in touch about further Burmese language learning opportunities.

These courses are fully credit-bearing modules of SOAS, University of London. As an Associate Student of the University, you can choose to complete the assessment or not.

The courses are taught by Prof. Justin Watkins and Sayama Thazin at SOAS.

Please indicate your interest using this form, while the details of formal registration are being worked out.
For further information, contact Justin Watkins <>.

Classes will take place online in real time at times arranged to suit participants' time zone.
Fees will be refunded if classes do not meet the minimum enrollment of students to run (likely to be 20-25).

Burmese Language 1A - not running
This course is suitable for complete beginners or those who have completed just a Yangon Bamazaga Course beginners class. We will provide make-up/revision classes for those who are at (or who are back at) a completely beginners' level.
£850 | 40 hours over 10 weeks (late September to mid-December)
Level at end: CEFR A1

Burmese Language 1B - not running
A follow-on course building on the foundations and skills of Burmese 1A, including a  basic introduction to Formal Burmese and reading/listening to authentic material.
£850 | 40 hours over 10 weeks (January to late March + 2 weeks pre-exam revision in late April)
Level at end: CEFR A2

Burmese Language 2 - confirmed as running
This second-year course introduces learners to a wider range or written and audiovisual material to expand active and passive ability in the four skills.
£1695 | 88 hours over 20 weeks (late Sept to mid March) + 2 weeks pre-exam revision in late April
Level at end: CEFR B1/2

Burmese Language and Texts - not running
This course gives students an opportunity to read authentic texts from literary fiction and from non-fiction sources, and expand their linguistic repertoire further through listening, writing and speaking.
£1695 | 66 hours over 20 weeks (late Sept to mid March) + 2 weeks pre-exam revision in late April
Level at end: CEFR B2/
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Burmese Language 1A
Oct-Dec 2020
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Burmese Language 1B
Jan-Mar 2021
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Burmese Language 2
Oct 2020 - April 2021
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Burmese Language and Texts
Oct 2020 - April 2021
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