Coordinating the infrastructure needs in Europe for preclinical testing of intervention for age and age-related disorders
This is a call for European researchers to establish their infrastructure needs in the area of ageing and age-related disorders at the preclinical stage with a view to coordinate efforts for applications for funding.

Testing interventions to delay ageing and age-related disorders in preclinical models is resource intense and require specialised expertise. In the USA the NIA has established the Intervention programme which tests interventions in 3 sites in a standardised way but it is reserved to NIH funded investigators.

The MouseAge network is performing a scoping exercise to determine:

1. Which infrastructures are already present in Europe and could become part of a larger network of collaborating facilities, open to other investigators in Europe to facilitate them in performing preclinical testing of interventions in a standardised way.

2. What are the infrastructures which would accelerate research progress in the area of preclinical intervention for ageing and age-related diseases.

Please take 5 minutes to respond to this questionnaire. We would ask that responses are submitted by 15th January 2016.

1. Does your research involve *
2. If your research does not involve testing of interventions at present will this be happening in the next 5 years? *
3. For those who answered yes in questions 1. and 2. do you feel you have the appropriate infrastructure to test interventions? *
4. Please give a brief description of the infrastructure you have available and whether it would be possible to open to other investigators as a service or on a collaborative basis. *
Examples could include large animal houses set up to perform phenotypic tests to assess interventions (please indicate which one), or specialised facilities for imaging, detailed assessment of individual systems (i.e., central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, metabolism, etc).
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5. Please give details of what infrastructure would help to speed up your research *
Examples could include phenotyping expertise, access to aged mice, expertise in drug delivery/dosing studies
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6. Do you think that the EU should support the establishment of something similar to the NIA ITP ( What would be the benefit to you and to the EU? *
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7. In which country is your institute based? *
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8. Would you be happy to be contacted to discuss you answers in more detail? If so please leave you name, institute and contact details below.
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