Eden Gate - international run
In 2023, we will re-run Eden Gate in Italian.
But we do look forward to run it in English in the future!
It may be in 2024, but so far, we have not yet decided a date.

If you want help this larp to come to life, you can express your interest by filling out this form.

The more interested people we'll get, the more likely will it be that we run Eden Gate in English, and that we do so soon(ish).

Thank you for your support!
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Your phone number
OPTIONAL - We won't share it with anyone and we won't make prank calls in the middle of the night :)
This is just to reach you on WhatsApp, or to be able to call you the day of the larp, should the need arise.
How many larps you've played? *
This is NOT a test - we'll just strive to have a diverse range of player experience at the larp.
How old are you? *
Again, this is NOT a test (obviously)
How old do you want your character to be? *
We will NOT force you to choose a character in the same age range as you are. Any character will be playable by any player, regardless of age. That said, if possible we'll try to have younger larpers playing the daughters and sons of our story, and more mature larpers playing the mothers and fathers.
What  gender do you want your character to be? *
We will NOT require you to choose a character matching your gender. In fact, we do not even ask what your gender is; any character will be playable by any participant, regardless of gender or sex.
That said, since Eden Gate deals with themes involving family and gender relations, every character is gendered and we need to know how many participants we'll have who are open to play each gender.
Moreover, we expect every character to display a gender presentation appropriate to the period and setting, in order to make it easy for other players to understand at a glance the gender of characters they meet. I.e.: if you usually present as a woman, but you want to play a man in Eden Gate, a good quality fake beard or moustaches, or other make-up, will be appreciated.
Anything else?
If there is anything you want to tell us, feel free to write it here.
NOTE: we'll ask later about food allergies, accommodation or other practical requirements.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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