FPSE 2018 DineArounds: The Mexican Corner, 6pm May 14th (8 spots)
The Dine Arounds will be led by a member of the FPSE 2018 host institution - Capilano University - who will contact you prior to the 14th to confirm any last details. As the Mexican Corner (which has a generous capacity) does not take reservations your host will go along to the restaurant early to stake out a table. Your meetup location will be at the restaurant - and your host will contact you should there be any delay in getting a table for 6pm.

About the venue: Casual and fun atmosphere, serving up delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine: In addition to "the usual suspects of ceviche, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas, tostadas, and tacos on the menu our take on these more “traditional” dishes will forever heighten the expectations of all who wander in. However it’s the specialty items that draw the talk of the town as dishes such as our Pre-Hispanic Mixote, Chile en Nogada, Pork Belly and Scallops in Pipian will have your taste buds question everything that you thought you knew about Mexican food."

Check out the website here: http://themexicancorner.ca/

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