TOURO GMAIL ACCOUNTS ALL 2- plus E-portfolio

Welcome students and Touro Faculty and Staff.
Professor Stein's students, and those of selected faculty; Mark Gura; Stephen Levy; Lori Bobley, etc) are asked to review and then complete the following.
In Professor Stein's course you will learn a range of technologies to demonstrate creatively that you have learned the content, course objectives and demonstrate your pedagogy.

1-You are asked to first create a NEW gmail account in a specific format which will then enable you to create a FREE teaching e-portfolio. If you are a Touro professor you too can join in the FUN. (Did he say FUN?).
Most find this an exciting, creative, worthwhile and engaging experience.

Please complete this form AFTER you have created your course specific gmail account. Details on how to do this are below......
This course specific gmail account will NOT be used for email but for many other course related purposes.

Details for creating your course specific gmail account follow:

Create a gmail account in the form
An example for John Doe would be - (note no ".", caps or spaces).
IMPORTANT: During the creation process at gmail you will be asked to supply an alternate email address.
In this way I will automatically receive confirmation that your account was created.

To create a new gmail account please go to and choose "Sign-up for Gmail"

The reason for this NEW account is that it will allow you to create a professional e-portfolio teaching website which will NOT interfere with a current email account. You will also be able to save assignments to Google Documents, Add video via Youtube, Create Online Forms, and SO MUCH MORE.....

Note that once you create your NEW gmail account, you will be asked to create a Google Site. The site name MUST be the same as the first part of your NEW Gmail account (up to and NOT including the "@" sign).
An Example..... the Student Daphne Vanel
1- Created a gmail account for one of my course -I
2- Next she created a FREE web site named "tourodvanel"
3- The world can access her site at (Active Website)

Please note that you will be asked to supply the password to this new account in the form below. It will need to be at least 8 characters with letters and numbers. MAKE IT EASY FOR YOURSELF (e.g.,middle name, mothers name, etc. WITH athe first letter Capital + the year of your birth). You will use this username (tourofiirstletteroffirstnamelastname) and password many times in the course. You will be asked to create other accounts with this same email/password (Youblishrer, Skydrive, and more)
I request your password in the form below so that if necessary I can go into this account and assist you during the course. This is optional!

Please complete the form below ASAP. and before the first class. It will be MOST Beneficial!!!!!

If a form does not appear below please copy the web address below into a browser:

Let the games begin and Welcome!,
Professor Stein

Special Note for Touro Students: BE PROFESSIONAL- Creators of Professional Educational websites are invited to request me for their Field Experience and Practicum instructor. In this way you can use this technology, your site and lessons, as well as possibly learning/using Smartboard, should your school permit this. For this you will need to make special request upon registration and the seats fill up quickly.


Certification Extension:
Did you know that currently you can extend your NYS teaching certification (grades Birth-Grade2) courses and a 7-12 Special Education? Visit

Annotation Program in the Teaching of Children with Severe and Multiple Disabiities:
Touro offers (12 credits) leading to an annotation to your NYS certification to Teach Children with Autism and or Multiple Disabilities.

Annotation/Extension to Teach Gifted and Talented Students

To receive information on programs above complete the form below:



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