Eva Wood Legacy Scholarship
Eva Wood was an educator and a devoted follower of Christ who through the years opened doors for many children to have wonderful opportunities. This scholarship is named in honor of her love and kindness, demonstrating Legacy Academy's commitment to extend such love and care to the families we serve.

It is our commitment that a shortage or lack of finances will NEVER stop a child from attending Legacy Academy. If the only thing keeping your child from attending Legacy is a financial obstacle we are committed to helping you overcome this. We are determined to steward our finances well and live sacrificially so that this opportunity is afforded to all of our students. We want to partner with you to make this dream a reality for your child. Parents are asked to also be sacrificial and find a way to participate in the financial cost of this opportunity.

The scholarship is awarded one school year at a time. After making application you will be contacted for a scholarship interview. Scholarships are awarded in 10% increments, but not more than 80%. A child may receive a scholarship in the amount of 20% - 80% discount, or any amount in between. We ask families to do all they can, allowing us to help as many students as possible. Ask for the amount that is needed for your child and your particular situation. After the interview we will contact you by mail with a scholarship decision letter.
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