Case 3.3 Mdm Ang Bee Chan
Mdm Ang Bee Chan is a 55-year-old Chinese Female who is ADL independent and community ambulant. She is a non smoker and non alcoholic. Her premorbids include T2aN1M0 Stage IIB Left Breast Cancer ER-, PR+, Her2-ve, status-post mastectomy and axillary clearance and is currently on adjuvant chemotherapy. She is currently undergoing Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide Q3weekly for 4 cycles via a Central Catheter Line. Her other premorbids include previous haemorrhoids and hypertension on amlodipine 5mg. She presents with a 2 days history of fever of max 37.8 as well as breathlessness on walking. There is no chest pain or palpitations, no diaphoresis. She complains of a mild cough and sore throat.

On examination, her vitals are BP 110/67, HR 60, RR 22, SpO2 95% on RA. Temp 38.0. She is alert and speaking full sentences, conjunctivae are pale. She is looking a little lethargic as well.
HS1S2 no audible murmurs. L bilaterally air entry intact no obvious crepitations. A soft non tender.

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