Adv. Wood Fundamental Training Worksheet
The following worksheet asks you about safety and cleaning expectations set for the Advanced Wood Shop. Please make sure that the you have read the training document first and answer the questions individually (they are not difficult).
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Did you read the advanced wood shop fundamentals training document *
What is the proper attire and safety gear to be wearing when entering the Advanced Woodshop? Check all that apply.
I want to use the table router, what trainings do I need? *
You're marking your cut lines very accurately but your boards end up slightly too short. What are you probably doing wrong? *
You are sawing an 8ft board to two 4ft lengths. What kind of cut is this? *
You don't need a buddy if you're only using hand tools. *
You can use a machine or tool that you are not officially trained on, as long as your buddy is. *
What do you do when something breaks? *
When you are done working, how clean should the shop be? *
What is the emergency assistance phone number at Olin? *
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