Jazz Placement and Scheduling Form
Both new and returning students must complete this form. Completion of this form does not constitute registration or payment. It simply allows the Jazz Department chair to schedule your courses.

New students must audition. New students must complete this form in order to audition. The completed form will be accessed during the audition and the Jazz Department chair will have the ability to edit your answers. To schedule an audition, call 617-585-1701.

Returning students must complete this form. Returning students may re-audition but do not have to, unless they are starting a new instrument this semester. If returning students have further questions after completing this form, they may contact David Zoffer at david.zoffer@necmusic.edu.

The comprehensiveness of this form, and your corresponding answers, allows the Jazz Department to create a nearly custom schedule for the entire student body based on each student's interests, aspirations, and availability. We appreciate your completion of this form.
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Are you a new or returning Jazz student in the School of Continuing Education? *
Must be over 18 or have graduated from high school.
If you are currently enrolled in a college, please state school name, program, expected year of graduation, and if your NEC grades will be used for credit at that school. Skip this question if you are not in a college program. *
Primary Instrument or Subject-Instrument or Subject that you have the most experience with. Many of our jazz students study multiple instruments and subjects. *
What city will you be commuting to NEC from? *
What state will you be commuting to NEC from? *
Please list your audition pieces.
Are there particular students with whom you would like to play in ensemble with or take a class with?
Please describe your musical background and training.
Please list some of your favorite musical artists.
Please list some of your goals for your NEC study.
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