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Welcome to the STARTUP application form for Startup Speed Dating 2019, organised by the ETH Entrepreneur Club. (If you are not a startup, please go to the participant application form:

Startup Speed Dating provides a hub for exchange between students and startups. Our mission is to encourage students to explore entrepreneurship as a career option, and to interface with startups that match their interests.

As a startup, you will have an opportunity to present your company to motivated students who are looking for job opportunities, internships, and Bachelor / Master thesis projects.

At the beginning of the Startup Speed Dating event, each startup will present a 30-second pitch to an audience of 120 highly skilled, carefully selected participants. Following a matching process, startups will then engage in 12 rounds of one-on-one "speed dates" with participants, each lasting 6 minutes. The evening will end with an <<Apéro riche>> to continue the mingling and networking.

Check out our video on YouTube to get an idea of how Startup Speed Dating works:

============ THE APPLICATION ============

This application form is for a spot in the STARTUP SPEED DATING event, organised by the ETH Entrepreneur Club. We are looking for startups that are in the position to potentially offer job, internship, and/or thesis opportunities to participants.

Due to space and time constraints, we are only able to invite 30 startups to participate in the event. Application for Startup Speed Dating is competitive -- on average, we receive 70 applications. For every Startup Speed Dating event, we optimize the list of startups we select for diversity of fields and skills sought -- this allows us to maximize the chances of matching students with startups.

Please only submit an application if you are committed to attending the Startup Speed Dating event upon acceptance.

*** Application deadline: Saturday March 30, 23:59

*** Successful & waitlisted applicants will be informed within a week of the application deadline.

============ LOGO & PITCH SLIDE ============

To complete your application, please send the following files to .

1) a high-resolution image file of your company's logo (will be printed in the event booklet)
2) single slide to be used for your startup's 30-second pitch (PDF format only)

We ask that you provide us with your logo and pitch slide at the time of your application because of our tight schedule between the application deadline and the date of the event. It will help us keep the event organization smooth, which means that we won't have to send you last-minute emails! We thank you for your understanding.

============ WHO WILL BE THERE? ============

We select 100-120 highly skilled participants with diverse academic backgrounds to attend the Startup Speed Dating. The participants are selected for their motivation and interest in working at a startup, and for diversity of educational backgrounds. While participant applications are not limited to students, we give priority to ETH students of all levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD).

============ WHAT WE OFFER ============

- Contact with motivated ETH students (Bachelor, Master, PhD) of all academic backgrounds
- Each startup will have a total of twelve 6-minute one-on-one "speed dates" with participants
- Table for your speed dates
- Entry in event booklet (printed and published online)
- Food and drinks during the whole evening

========== EVENT DETAILS ==========

Date: Wednesday April 17th, 2019
Time: 17:00 to 21:00
Location: ETH Zurich Main Building, Dozentenfoyer (Rämistrasse 101, Zürich)

========== EVENT SCHEDULE ==========

17:00 Registration of startups begin
17:30 Startup briefing (i.e. explanation of how it works)
17:45 Registration of participants begin
18:15 Matching process begins (Apéro riche)
19:00 Speed Dating begins (6 rounds)
19:45 Break
20:00 Speed Dating begins (6 rounds)
20:45 Apéro riche, networking

======= PARTICIPATION FEE =========

ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student-run, non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire and to support future generations of entrepreneurs. To make this event possible, we request a small contribution from your startup, should your startup be selected to participate. The fee structure is divided according to the stage of your startup -- please contact us if you have any questions.

** CHF 50 : idea-phase startup
<= 3 team members & not incorporated & no funding acquired & no complete business plan and no complete pitch deck.
Typically offer: co-foundership, thesis projects

** CHF 100 : early prototype-phase startup
<=5 team members & not incorporated & <200 k total funding acquired.
Typically offer: shares/salary, internship, thesis projects

** CHF200 : early operational startup
<=10 team members & incorporated <2 years & <1 M total funding acquired.
Typically offer: shares, internship, salary, thesis projects

** CHF300 : advanced operational startup
>10 team members OR incorporated & >2 years OR >1 M total funding acquired.
Typically offer: internship, salary, thesis projects

If your startup is selected to participate in the Startup Speed Dating event, an invoice will be sent to you.

======== BECOME A PREMIUM STARTUP =========

Are you interested in promoting your startup further? We offer a limited number of Premium Startup positions at the event. As a Premium Startup, you will get a booth at the entrance of the event, and a more prominent space in the event booklet. We are also able to invite 4 members from a Premium Startup to attend the event, instead of 2. Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a Premium Startup for Startup Speed Dating.

======= CONTACT US ======

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We look forward to your application!

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