Tester Application for Creative Snugglies
In order to be considered to be tester, you must fill out all answers to this google form.
*Testers must have a Ravelry account.
*Testers must be willing to join my Design Testing Facebook group.
*Testers must add their project to the Ravelry testing projects for that pattern.
*Testers must communicate throughout the test by email with me.
*Testers must finish on time and send back notes on time.
Testers who finish on time and provide at least 2 photos that we can use for promotional and listing photos will receive a FREE PDF final version of the pattern when it is released straight to their Ravelry.
Email *
Which pattern are you interested in testing? Both are due Monday, March 8th. *
What is your email address? *
What is your Ravelry ID? *
Are you familiar crocheting amigurumi? *
What is your level of crochet experience? *
I understand life happens, so I just ask for communication if you are unable to finish the test. Are you willing to communicate with me if you can't finish? *
Once accepted as a tester, I will send out an email making sure that you agree to the terms of the test. Is this ok with you? *
Would you like to join our Facebook Testing group? *
Would you like to join our email list where you can find out about testing opportunities, giveaways, etc? *
Will you be willing to provide 2 pictures and give permission to use for listing and promotional purposes? *
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