Elevate+ Accelerator Program Application - Impact Boom
Apply now for a subsidised place on Elevate+ to grow your enterprise and maximise your impact. This program is subsidised by Brisbane City Council.

Application deadline: 5pm, 20th December 2019
Program dates: January 27th - June 3rd, 2020 (further details below)
Program Venues: Central Brisbane Locations (TBC) & The Triffid
Contact us: hello@impactboom.org

The Elevate+ Program is open to 25 Brisbane-based social entrepreneurs who:
- have clear and committed social outcomes
- have a commercially viable enterprise model (or are working hard to create one)
- demonstrate a scalable approach to economics and outcomes.

Both individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

Questions? We will host an informal networking and info session on the evening of December 3rd, 5:30-8:30pm at Wandering Cooks. Find event details and RSVP here (FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE TO BE INSERTED HERE ONCE CREATED) You'll be able to come and meet Impact Boom CEO, Tom Allen, alumni from our previous cohort and some of the program mentors. We have built a strong, tight-knit community of passionate, supportive and inspirational social entrepreneurs and we look forward to welcoming new alumni into the group.

The program has been designed to fit into your daily work schedule, with in-person sessions running from 5-8pm and the weekly digital modules being able to be completed throughout the week in your own time. A few days will require you to commit to extra time during work hours or on a weekend. These have been detailed below.

Applications will be shortlisted by Impact Boom and Brisbane City Council. Shortlisted applicants will undertake an interview via phone call to further assess the applicant's suitability to the program. Application is highly competitive and due to the large volume of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback to everyone. We do however, promise to continue providing everyone with free, weekly resources on our blog and podcast to help you turn your ideas into impact.

We wish you the best of luck with your application.
I understand that Impact Boom will treat the information I provide below as strictly confidential and confirm that information I provide is correct. *
Impact Boom and its team (including mentors) respect your privacy and the information you provide to us will not be provided to third parties except to Brisbane City Council where requested.
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Shortlisted applicants will undertake a short interview via phone call.
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This is your opportunity to sell your idea and convince us that it's a good one!
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A chance to pitch. 2 minutes maximum video time please. This could literally be recorded with your mobile phone or you could go to greater lengths...
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Who do you intend to solve the problem for? How? What social or environmental impact do you intend to make? *
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What qualities would you bring to the program? Why do you want to participate? *
Our community is active, supportive and engaged. We operate with a 'give first' mentality. Part of the cohort success comes down to you being willing to share knowledge and time with other participants.
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On a scale of 1 (I feel pretty lost), to 10 (I'm really confident I'm onto a winner here and am sailing smoothly), where are you at? *
I need help!!
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Have you had any 'wins' with your enterprise to date or been able to validate your idea or business model in any way? *
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What do you think will be your biggest challenge as you move forward? *
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How do you plan to fund your enterprise? *
What resources could you/do you intend to tap into? What will be your key revenue streams?
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Describe your business model.
If you're familiar with the Business Model Canvas, you could briefly describe the main 'building blocks' (eg. Customer segments, channels, value proposition etc). If you're unfamiliar with this, that's ok, just move to the next question.
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What area/s does your enterprise operate (or plan to operate) in? *
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Please include links to any social media channels you have created for your social enterprise. If not yet created, please write 'N/A'.
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I recognise that by applying for Elevate+, I am ready to work hard, do my best and use this as an opportunity to grow both the social enterprise and personally. *
Please do not submit this application unless you are fully committed.
I confirm that I am able to attend all workshops, mentoring sessions and networking events at a central Brisbane location (and other Brisbane venues) on Tuesdays 5pm-8pm for a variety of dates between 28th January until the 2nd June 2020. *
I confirm that I am able to attend the private Elevate+ BBQ and Pitch session on Sunday May 3rd 2020, 12-7pm. *
A great informal afternoon together and a good moment for us to take our pitches to the next level.
I confirm that I can attend the optional Brisbane Social Enterprise Tour, all day on Tuesday, 3rd March (at a reduced cost for Elevate+ participants of $85+gst p/p inc. lunch & transport) *
A great informal day together, great networking and a good moment for us to take our pitches to the next level.
I confirm that I am able to attend the private pitch afternoon at a central Brisbane venue on Tuesday May 5th 2020, 12-7pm. *
All Elevate+ participants will pitch their enterprises to an industry panel for feedback, critique and questions. All program participants are expected to attend the private pitch event.
I confirm that I am able to attend the final public pitch night at the Triffid on Wednesday June 3rd, 5-9pm. I will keep free the entire afternoon/evening of June 3rd 2020 from midday, to prepare for the pitch night. *
You will have the opportunity to pitch at an exciting event open to the public. All program participants are expected to attend the final celebration.
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