LHF Midwest Summer Camp 2017 Registration Form

The Lao Heritage Foundation, working along with Lao Heritage Minnesota, is hosting the Lao Arts & Culture Midwest Summer Camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 2017! This year, the camp will be held from July 15 to July 21. This week long camp will include music practice, traditional dance, language, history, and youth empowerment.

Enrollment is opened to students entering 6th grade or higher.

This year will be the third year for the Midwest. See what LHF Lao Arts & Culture Midwest Summer Camp is like: https://youtu.be/QrSeb6WtYes

Here is what a student's week would look like:

Day 1 | Saturday: Welcome & Introductions! Students will be introduced to their instructors, counselors, and fellow peers. Get ready to break the ice with some fun activities and games. They will also be introduced to the different instruments available for them to learn. Would you like to play strings? Wind? Percussion?

Days 2-6 | Sunday - Thursday: Learning & Practice! Students will explore and learn what makes the Lao culture unique. They will also get a chance to practice their music pieces as a group. Classes and practices will be held at TBD.

Day 7 | Friday: Performance Day! After bonding with each other and a weeks worth of practicing, the students are ready to put on the final show for the community.

Day 8 | Saturday (optional): Fun Day! Unwind from the jam packed week by exploring the Twin Cities..

Want to know what it is like to be a student? Here is a shared experience from one of students: http://wp.me/p2B20Y-5L

There is a $100 registration cost. This can be paid by check or credit/debit.

Registrations will be accepted until June 23, 2017. Limited seats available.

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