Nice to Meet You, I'm a Slut! Ask Me Anything
Welcome kings, queens and everyone-in-between! I present you with a safe space where you can ask me - resident relationships columnist Alice Garnett - pretty much anything sex & love related and I'll try my best to come back at you with some killer advice.

Whether you've developed some ~new feelings~ for a certain someone and aren't sure what to do with them, or you're still reeling from lockdown heartbreaks, or you've got some questions regarding sexual health, or you're wondering how best to love yourself in this Wretched Capitalist Society - you've come to the right place. I guess it's kind of like Oxfess but a little more pink and hopefully a lot less passive aggressive.

Feel free to keep it anonymous if you'd prefer! If your question involves or refers to third parties please make sure any personally identifiable info is removed eg real names and colleges. Think of it as an opportunity to get creative with a fun pseudonym and make-believe places!

Please do be kind and remember that all questions must follow the Reporting Guidelines of The Oxford Blue ( so that we can keep this a safe space for all!

Any submission you make has the chance of being answered in one of the advice columns by me - if at any point you want to take back your submission or have an article amended, please contact our columns editor, Vicky Stone, via her email

And finally....


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