Texas Educator Online Ethics Training
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) takes ethical violations very seriously! To provide educators with a case study on poor ethical choices, the TEA developed four training modules in the style of "The Office" to display extreme behaviors that are not tolerated as an education professional. The videos tell a story and should be watched in sequential order to see the progression and development of the storyline, and how the consequences of making poor choices including loss of teaching credentials, and in some instances cause jail time for offenses. Videos are for teacher training purposes only. All characters, locations and situations in The Campus are purely fictional. Any similarities to anyone living or deceased are merely a coincidence. This is a fictional presentation and is not intended to portray any actual school, students, or personnel in Texas.

This online training must be completed IN ONE SITTING. Please plan on approximately 90 minutes to complete all 4 modules. The videos are approximately 1 hour total, and each module is followed by a comprehension quiz.

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