“Call for Global Day of detained Bloggers “
Free access to the world of Information, considered as one of the fundamental human rights in today’s world. Meanwhile, the Internet and consequently, weblogs have opened a clear path towards the realization of right to life and freedom of expression. Authoritarian regimes in addition to restricting all independent media, arrest and persecution of journalists and writers, deal with the suppression, censorship and Internet filtering, and have caused serious problems for activists and bloggers. Under this circumstance, our responsibility is to defend freedom of speech in the virtual and real world and right of access to the free Internet for groups and individuals, Beside supporting the bloggers who have been serious victims of oppressive policies of dictator regimes.
Thus, a group of Iranian bloggers invite all bloggers, civil and human rights activists, journalists and the media, to an active movement in order to support the imprisoned bloggers and announce solidarity with them.
Iranian bloggers are facing intricate situations and lots of them as: Koohyar Goudarzi, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, Mohammad Sadig Kaboudvand, Sakhi Rigi and so many others jailed in the Islamic Republic of Iran detention houses under the cruelest forms of tortures, so we have decided to start this call to action.
Also be noted that other bloggers are frequently subjected to military and security threats. This repression is not limited in Iran and in some other countries that are plagued the ruling dictatorship there are similar conditions. In addition to the Islamic republic of Iran, countries such as Burma , China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are also considered opponents of free access to information and freedom of speech. They take sever control over the Internet through repression and imprisonment of Internet activists, censorship of the internet and impede people to access the Internet
Omid Reza MirSiafi, arrested Iranian blogger in 2009, imprisoned in Gohar-Dasht, Karaj penitentiary, has been murdered by security forces due to stress and lack of medical assistances. And the world still remembers the killing of Mohammad Naboos in Libya, and also Hassan-El-Ashiri, a Bahraini blogger in prison during the course of Arab countries uprising movement in Middle East and North Africa. Undoubtedly, many unknown Internet activists and bloggers, still without a name in hand, have been threatened, imprisoned, tortured and killed.

Therefore, we recommend November 16th to be named as International Solidarity Day with Jailed bloggers to gain benefit of the possible tools and capabilities for spreading news about the bloggers imprisoned in Iran and around the world and leverage the maximum benefit for their release.
The bloggers, human rights activists, civil society organizations and associations and Web sites are welcomed to join this cause. For spreading manifest they are free for translating this paper and other news, making video clips, or reflecting it on the media regarding to the progress of this plan. And also If anyone has any Information and news about a jailed blogger start to spreading news forward and let the Organizing executers of this program to know.
Finally, we hope the solidarity with Jailed bloggers, could affect their condition in jails, and consequently, due to pressure of local as well as international public opinion and active monitoring of international human rights organizations and NGOs, result into a betterment in their detention condition and subsequently their freedom.

Global Solidarity with detained Bloggers Committee.

Contact information:
e-mail : Solidaritywitharrestedbloggers@gmail.com
Blog: http://www.Solidaritywitharrestedbloggers.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Solidarity-with-arrested-bloggers/125766367526538

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