Report an Extension
Use this form to report an extension to Firebase for the applicable reasons below.

If you discovered a bug with an Extension, please report it directly to the extension developer, typically via an Issue in their Github repository which is linked from the extension.

If you would like to request removal of an Extension from Google's services under Google’s policies or applicable laws (including copyright or trademark violations), please use this form instead:

We appreciate you taking the time to help us make the Extensions ecosystem better. We will review your report and take any necessary actions. However, we cannot guarantee that we will reply or keep you up to date on the progress for privacy reasons.

Email *
Extension ID (ex. firebase/firestore-send-email) *
Version (ex. 1.2.3 or 1.2.0-1.2.4)
Reason *
Describe the reason for this report in more detail *
Please provide as much detail as possible, detailed descriptions of behaviours, and, if applicable, links to specific blocks of source code (especially in cases of malicious or abusive behaviour or vulnerabilities).

DO NOT include any PII or SPII in this form. If necessary, we will reach out separately to request that information.
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