Animal Jam Community Mod Application Form
Thank you for considering being a volunteer moderator for AJC. We appreciate it! This is the application form that you'll need to fill out if you want to join the team.

On this first page, you'll find some questions that are some of the minimum requirements to get on. Please use proper grammar.

How much experience do you have working with Discord? *
Another tip: Try not to write short answers. We don't need an essay, right? But you should avoid speeding through the form with only a sentence for each question. For this question, we are looking for experience with the server management tools provided by Discord.
Your answer
How long have you been playing Animal Jam? *
Do you have any experience moderating other platforms? *
Another Discord server, a subreddit, Google+ community, a Minecraft server, etc. Please provide any proof of this experience if you, but it's not required to have proof.
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How old are you? *
It's very tempting to lie on this question, we know. But if we find out that you lied, it's going to be a bad time for you.
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How long have you been on Discord?
We will be checking to see if you are providing truthful answers on this question, and others.
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Please select all of the bots you are familiar working with.
If you have any screenshots of you working with these bots, you can add it in the "Extra" question at the end.
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