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Trainers' Forum brings to you e-TRAMs - a new series of online training events!

What is a TRAM?
A TRAiners Meeting, where trainers gather and exchange training related knowledge, experiences from the training rooms and best practices, in order to improve by learning from each other. The topics covered are mostly related to the process, not the content of the sessions.

What is an e-TRAM?
We want to bring to you the experience of a TRAM in the comfort of your home - with the help of online learning.

What can you do to be part of this?
You can participate, but you colud also deliver. In the 1st e-TRAM we armed the TsF community with the skills to deliver an e-TRAM, so you can share your topic with fellow trainers. There is a possibility in this form to state this interest
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What are the most interesting question/dilemmas that they would like to discuss?
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Trainer hosting this e-TRAM, e-TRAM coordinator and all the other people engaged in keeping TsF Community alive dedicate their time voluntarily to help training grow. Since you seem to be using this value, we would ask you to pay it forward, by helping the community grow. What could you do to make it happen?
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This includes joining on time, staying until the end, (pro)actively participating in the session, as well as writing feedback to the trainer afterwards. It will be organised as an online workshop, therefore you need your microphone and
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