Discovery Discipleship Checklist
Here is a checklist to help guide you through September to December. Submit your responses as often as you wish. You should check off the weeks you have completed each time you submit. Be sure you submit your final response before December 30, 2019.
Email *
Name *
FirstSteps Discipleship pastor *
Virtual Sunday morning service (10)
Virtual Sunday morning prayer 9am (3)
Journal entries (1 or more per week)
Pastoral contact weekly and/or bi-weekly
Daily worship, prayer and bible readings (50 required)
List service in church ministries (not required, but encouraged)
Share any Fire Institute classes, archived sermons, podcasts or virtual playbacks you have listened to here.
List participation in church trainings or other events (i.e. prophetic training, leadership training, worship training, church conferences, Freedom School)
Describe how you plan to demonstrate a summary of what you learn during your discipleship? *
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