Mock Expansion Draft
Here are the rules that I am going to go by (I am just guessing on these). You can protect 11 players. RSL doesn't currently have any GA players so we don't need to worry about that but I am going to guess that Home Grown players will be automatically protected. One quick note on this: Even though Carlos Salcedo did go through the RSL Academy, he did not sign as a Home Grown player so he is eligible for the draft.

Now this is where you come in. Please submit to me the 11 RSL players that you think should be protected. Remember this is for the 2015 season, not this upcoming season. Do take age into consideration but don't worry about things like contract lengths as that information for each player is not readily available.

After compiling the results I will post the findings on the blog as well as my own protected list and reasons behind each pick.

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