Library Team Student Volunteer Application
Please answer all the questions on this form to submit an application to join the Library Team
as a student volunteer with the Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School Library Program
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BEFORE SCHOOL: Choose the days you are able to volunteer *
Before School shifts are approx 7:45-8:00; (times may vary)
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After School shifts are approx. 2:15-2:45
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By submitting your application, you agree to meet all expectations of a
Library Team Volunteer, including:

• I will show up for all my assigned shifts
• I will arrive promptly and stay for the duration
• If I cannot make an assigned shift, I will arrange for a substitute
and/or I will see Mr. Sexton to explain.
• I will learn the duties of a student monitor and fulfill them responsibly.
• I will set the example for behaviour in the school library for my fellow students.

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