Survey: the correlation between health issues such as TMD, OSA and neck pain with childhood orthodontic treatment that included extraction of teeth
Dear Reader,

I am an academic at the University of Paris VIII doing research on the correlation between health issues and orthodontics with premolar teeth extractions.

Premolar teeth are the ones next to the molars, towards the front. There are 8 total: 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom.

Since extracting premolar teeth is is a standard orthodontic procedure worldwide (used in up to 70% of all orthodontic cases), the aim of this survey is to determine if and to what extent it has consequences on adult health in the course of a life span. It is the first survey of its kind.*


The statistical results of this exploratory survey may be used for advocacy work.

I appreciate your candor in answering these questions.

Data Confidentiality

Survey responses are aggregated into an statistical overview and are non-identifiable and anonymous.


All respondents will receive an overview of the current research into extraction orthodontics, the published survey report, and a website link to information about the reputed consequences.


For any questions on the survey or this research project, I can be reached at

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Premolars: which teeth are they?
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In what year did you get 1 or more premolar extractions: *
What country did you live in when your braces and premolar extractions were done? *
Do you have any of the below symptoms? check all that apply.
Column 1
TMD and/or TMJ
TMJ clicking
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Frequent headaches or migraines
Feeling of inadequate space for your tongue
Speech or pronunciation difficulty
Inability to place tongue on roof of palate
Neck tension
Shoulder tension
Lordosis of spine
Forward head posture
"Military neck" (straight cervical curve)
Difficulty maintaining good posture
Abnormal swallowing (low tongue posture)
Mouth breathing; keeping mouth open
UARS or other breathing issues
Restless sleep
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Do any of these health issues predate the extraction orthodontics? If any predate, did you notice the issue get better or worse after the orthodontic treatment?
Think about your day to day life...Check the items you feel are significantly impacted by your physical symptoms *
Not impacted
Somewhat impacted
Very much impacted
Relationships and socializing
Athletic activity
Feeling of self esteem
Sense of overall wellbeing and peace
Did you notice any of the following changes to your face? Please check.
Are you satisfied with the changes in your appearance resulting from orthodontic procedure(s)?
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Can you put your tongue completely flat on the roof of your mouth without the tip of your tongue lapping on your front teeth or jutting out between the front teeth?
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Can you pronounce all of the following sounds easily and without a lisp: "C", "D", "S", "V", "B", "M" and "N".
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Is the tip of your tongue always pressed on the palate, behind the front teeth?
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Please share any other description of how premolar extraction orthodontics has impacted your life.
Prior to this survey, were you aware of a possible connection between your symptom(s) and the orthodontic treatment you had as a child?
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If you have consulted with doctors or dentists regarding your symptom(s), did any hypothesize that the cause might be orthodontic extractions?
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Would you be willing to join with others who have answered this survey to petition the orthodontics profession to limit the practice of premolar extractions and to fund research to help those who have had negative symptoms caused by extractions? *
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