2017-18 Research Analyst Position
The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce an initiative to encourage student and faculty research in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, broadly defined to encompass multi-disciplinary perspectives. The initiative has two components—a faculty research grant program and a student research analyst program. The initiative builds on CMC’s tradition of the teacher-scholar model and creating opportunities for students and faculty to work together on applied research.

We welcome participation from the multiple disciplines represented at CMC, including government, psychology, science, history, economics, finance, accounting, public policy, humanities, and others. Research can range from such topics as individual- or firm-based studies (e.g., psychology of entrepreneurial behavior) to topics such as the impact of technological shocks to job growth and development. Research with a public policy focus is encouraged, as is research that connects entrepreneurship to the arts and humanities.

The research analyst positions provide hands-on experience for students during the academic year. Students are expected to keep regular office hours at the CIE when they are conducting research, and compensation will be competitive. Students will gain valuable skills, including hands-on experience with state-of-the art research methods, data generation, collection, hypothesis testing, analysis, in addition to learning more about various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Applications for student analyst positions are due: September 22, 2017.

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