New Horizon Mall Insurance Program
PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE READING THE HELP TEXT FOR EACH QUESTION. WHAT YOU ENTER AFFECTS YOUR COVERAGE!!! Changes required after a certificate is purchased may incur an additional fee. Please ensure your information is correct. If you have any questions on the application or coverages, please email This program is for unit owners only. If you operate a business out of a unit, you do not qualify for this program.
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Contact Name only. Will not appear on documentation.
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Name of the person or entity that owns the unit(s) *
This is the person or COMPANY that owns the unit. Please make sure to enter this correctly as this is the exact name that will show as the insured for the unit and will print on any documentation including proof of insurance for the bank. The SAME PERSON(s) OR ENTITY MUST OWN ALL OF THE UNITS. For different owners please submit another application.
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Mailing Address *
Please include your full mailing address including your postal code. This is the mailing address that belongs to the legal entity that OWNS the Unit. All insurance documentation with respect to this policy will be mailed to this address. If you are purchasing a policy on behalf of someone please ensure you use their mailing address. ONLY ONE ADDRESS ALLOWED
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Email Address *
Please type carefully, this is where your insurance will be emailed to. Remember to check your junk email and add if you find an email from us in your junk mail ONLY ONE EMAIL ADDRESS ALLOWED THE FORM WILL ERROR IF MORE THAN ONE IS ENTERED
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Phone Number *
Please enter only one telephone number
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What is the required effective date of the policy? *
You can pick today's date or a date in the future, policies cannot be back dated. If a date in the past is chosen, the policy will be effective the date of the application.
What is the total yearly rental income for all units combined? *
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Type of tenant(s) to occupy the space *
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