Odd Survey #4 - Sleep
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What is your gender? *
What year were you born? *
Approximately how many countries have you visited or lived in? *
If you grew up primarily INSIDE the US, what was the ZIP code you lived in most of your school years? If you moved around a lot growing up and don't have one ZIP code you felt was more "home" than the others, type "00000".
If you grew up primarily OUTSIDE the US, on which continent did you live the longest?
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If you live INSIDE the US now, what ZIP code do you live in?
If you live OUTSIDE the US now, what continent do you live on?
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What is your ideal number of hours of sleep a night? *
How many hours do you actually sleep on a typical night? *
How many minutes does it usually take you to fall asleep? *
How many times do you hit your snooze button on average in the morning? *
Do you generally wake up in the middle of the night? *
What is your ideal sleep temperature? *
What is your most common orientation when sleeping? *
How many pillows do you generally sleep with? (note: if you sleep with 2 pillows, 1 under your head and one in your arms, you'd enter "1" on the first two rows) *
Under your head?
Holding in your arms?
Between your legs?
Beside you?
When you're sleeping with someone, how close do you like to be to the other person? *
Do you snore? *
What do you wish official daylight saving time policy was? *
Suppose you take a one-week trip to a place 7 time zones away. How much does jet lag impact you? *
Suppose you take a two-day trip to a place 3 time zones away. What best describes your approach to schedule? *
Are there any thoughts on sleep you'd like to share?
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