Spending Time at CHAI
Thank you for your interest in spending time at the Center for Human-Compatible AI! Before applying, please ensure you've read the relevant information on our jobs page http://humancompatible.ai/jobs

We'll ask for links to various documents throughout the process; the easiest way to do this is to use a cloud-based file sharing service such as Google Docs or Dropbox (although feel free to link to self-hosted files or other websites too). If you need help with this or are unable to use such a service, please contact chai-admin@berkeley.edu.

If you have any questions, please contact chai-admin@berkeley.edu
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Please choose the most appropriate option from the list below. (Note: If you are interested in graduate study at Berkeley in this area please apply directly to the appropriate UC Berkeley graduate program. You may mention your interest in CHAI on your application, but we are unable to review or give feedback on your application. We will be happy to discuss research and/or supervision once you have been admitted.) How would you like to visit CHAI? As a(n)...
Funding status *
Will you be needing funding from CHAI for your visit? We have limited funding to pay for visitors, and can take more visitors who have existing sources of funding.
Dates of availability *
Please let us know when you're available for work, and how long you'd like to work with us for. E.g. 'Any 8 weeks between June and October', or '15th June to August'.
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The answer to this question will not affect the chances of your application being accepted; it is solely for administrative purposes.
Link to statement of motivation *
Please provide a link to a document describing your research interests, motivation for working with CHAI, and relevant skills and experience that make you a good fit. A couple of paragraphs will do; try to keep it to under a page.
Academic background
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If you have multiple degrees (e.g. Bachelor and Master's), please put them in a shared folder and then enter the link to the folder. Please ensure to include your undergraduate transcripts as these grades are more standardized between institutions.
Undergraduate GPA
Link to technical writing sample *
Please provide a sample of technical writing from a project where you were primarily responsible for the technical (i.e. mathematical, statistical, or algorithmic) details. For example, a research paper, thesis, or coursework. If you don't have anything appropriate, consider choosing a technical topic (e.g. 'reinforcement learning') and writing a blog post about it.
Link to code sample
Feel free to provide a link to your Github profile (or other code-hosting site), or link directly to a file containing some code that you wrote.
Link to homepage
Feel free to provide a link to your academic homepage, personal website, or blog.
How did you hear about CHAI and/or this position?
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If there's anything extra you'd like us to know please add it here.
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