WPC Activity Request Form
Given the success in the effectiveness of Covid vaccines and their increased availability, the CDC and North Carolina Department of Health guidelines for dealing with our Covid pandemic are rapidly changing. Because of this, WPC is making several changes effective Tuesday, June 1.

• As of June 1, the church is no longer requiring the use of Activity Request Forms for on-campus activities. Instead, we will go back to the pre-COVID process of emailing Barb when something needs to be added to the calendar, so we can reserve the location for you and add it to the church calendar. Please be diligent with reservations as campus requests are increasing quickly for the summer.
• Masks are no longer required to be worn while outdoors – but of course, those who are more comfortable wearing a mask may still do so.
• Social distancing and room capacity constraints are removed. If you’d like to have a large group in the Calhoon Cabin, that is now fine to do.

Important notes:
• Masks are still required when indoors on campus.
• Food and drink consumption will still be limited to individually portioned food and drink, ideally consumed outdoors.
• Attendance registration forms are still required to enable contact tracing if needed. Please turn these in to Barb as you have been doing.

Please contact Barb (BSchmidt@wpcdurham.org) if you have any questions.
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