Parent Survey
Hello to our amazing PS/IS 119 Glendale parents and guardians! This survey will give us feedback on what workshops, resources or interesting programs may be helpful to our families at PS/IS 119 The Glendale School. Any other feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and you may reach out to me via email:
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Contact information (please include email and phone number) *
Name of children that attend the school *
What grade(s) is/are your child(ren) in? (Please check all that apply) *
How do you feel about your child returning back to school? *
Why do you feel that way? *
How are you related to student? *
Are you more interested in virtual or in-person Parent Workshops? *
If you attend an in-person workshop or school event, would you need childcare? *
What days work best for your schedule to attend a workshop? *
What time windows work best for you? *
Are you interested in wellness or fitness workshops? (Such as Zumba, Yoga, Martial Arts and/or Self Defense) *
Are you interested in self care help and/or mental health resources? *
Are you interested in social events, such as Paint Night or Family Game Night? (Please note virtual or in person is still pending). *
Are you interested in learning a new hobby such as cooking, baking, arts & crafts and DIY (do-it-yourself) projects? *
Would you be interested in joining our PTA and/or volunteering? *
If you have any other recommendations or suggestions of community based initiatives to bring to our community to serve, please indicate here.
Knowing and Supporting your Children
The questions below help to inform us in decisions that we make to ensure that we create an inclusive environment where all students and community members feel safe, valued and heard. Please give us some information below about your child/ children
Please indicate what you think helps them learn best *
What are areas that you think your child excels? *
What are areas of struggle or growth (Can be academic or social) *
What makes your child happy/ excited? *
What makes them sad/ frustrated? *
What are some traditions, books, points in history, etc. that one may not know about in your culture, that your child, or you would like to be highlighted in schools.
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