IAJHSC Summer Leadership Camp JC Application 2018
Before completing this form, PLEASE PRINT AND READ THE PACKET AVAILABLE AT WWW.IAJHSC.ORG. Please complete the following online form ALL AT ONCE. Once you leave the form, you can't return to it. Make sure you submit this form on or before March 1st. The reference letters, along with the parent permission form and the academic/citizenship statement are to be postmarked on or before March 1st as well. Good luck!
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As an applicant for the position of junior counselor, I understand the importance of being a positive role model for the camp delegates. I also understand that my actions should reflect the message delegates receive at camp about the behavior expectations of leaders. I therefore pledge not to use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol while serving as a junior counselor at Summer Leadership Camp and while participating in the functions identified as being attended by IAJHSC Camp Staff members. I further pledge to refrain from the above activities during my 4 year JC eligibility. *
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