The ReUsery- Community consultation
The ReUsery is a new organisation and we are really excited to connect with you.

We have developed a short consultation (3 mins) so we can hear what’s important to you. Please help us by filling it in :) Thank you in advance for your time.

If you would like to speak to us just call Del on 07914 383 439. Do not hesitate if you need assistance.
About us
We are about promoting sustainability through reducing, reusing, upcycling and recycling initiatives. We have found a bright and airy studio space on Church Road, BS5 and have started running fun informal workshops. We have lots of ideas for the future too including exhibitions, talks, artist support and much more.

Currently we have workshops on:
• reusing materials, for example making jewellery out of drink cans; paper flowers; textile brooches
• creating useful items, for example making natural skincare products, natural cleaning products, reusable breast pads
• a free weekly ‘reuse, meet and craft’ session for parents and little ones as well as a fortnightly adult reuse club.
Who would we like to see at our sessions?
Everyone! We love the diversity in Bristol, and we want our workshops to reflect that so whatever, your age, background, culture, gender, we want to connect with you.

A note on accessibility: Our studio is on the first floor but if you inform us in advance of any access requirements, we could use the hall on the ground floor which is accessible to all.
1. Are you interested in the following activities? *
Very interested
Moderately interested
Not very interested
Learning how to make crafty things and/or art from reused materials
Learning how to make natural products (skincare products, cleaning products)
Learning how to make useful items (e.g. reusable breast pads or sanitary pads)
Learning how to mend and repair items
Meeting with other people to share ideas, tips and techniques
Learning how to make high quality products from reused materials that you could sell and get help in setting up a craft business
Children and parents/carers sessions
2. Do you have any suggestions for how we could make the activities more appealing and therefore more likely for you to attend? 
Your answer
3. Do you have any requirements that would need to be considered for you to be able to attend our activities?
Your answer
Other (please comment)
4. Is the location of our studio accessible for you? (address is 134-140 Church Road, Bristol, BS5 9RB)
5. Our studio is based in a Methodist Church however we are not a religious group. Would this prevent you from attending activities at our studio?
6. Are you interested in the following? *
Very interested
Moderately interested
Not very interested
Climate change
Reusing items to prevent wasting them
Protecting the environment
Saving money
7. Do you have any further comments/ideas/suggestions?
Your answer
8. Would you like to keep in touch?
Your answer
Email address:
Your answer
Phone Number:
Your answer
Preferred method of contact:
Information about you
We are asking these questions so we know who we are reaching and who we are not, for example, if we are not reaching enough young/older people we will revise how to consult with this group. This part of the questionnaire is optional and will be separated from the rest of your answers. The information will not be stored in a way that can be identifiable to you.
Please provide the first part of your postcode (e.g. BS5) *
Your answer
Do you look after children?
Are you working (employed or self-employed)?
What is your ethnic group?
Asian / Asian British
Black / African / Caribbean / Black British
Mixed / multiple ethnic groups
Other ethnic group
Many thanks for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It will be very useful to us to see what you are interested in, in order to offer such activities in our community.
Visit to see our programme of inspiring sustainable workshops for the following months and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
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