Biodesign’s Building for Digital Health (MED 253/CS 342)
Building a clinical research study app at Stanford

Autumn Quarter 2019-20, 3 Units
Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-5:50 pm
Student Application
Your goal will be to design, test, and implement a digital solution for an important unmet medical need. We will be forming groups of engineering students and pairing each with a project + professional clinical faculty from the Stanford School of Medicine.

Here’s a glimpse of the types of projects you will potentially be working on:
-Development of a Population-Level, Smartphone or Wearable Surveillance App to Identify Patients at High-Risk for Persistent Post-Operative Opioid use
-Improving value in late life: engaging patients and families in advanced care planning

We are looking for highly motivated students who have an interest in health applications. We recommend that you consider this course if you want to build experience creating mobile iOS applications in the digital health space. We will help you think in terms of the full-stack.

You may contact Santiago Gutierrez ( to discuss the course or technical expectations in advance of submitting your application.

Application Closes: September 27
Application Decision: September 28
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