Stress Test - Feedback (28/12/2019)
Feeback from the 28/12/2019
Please, make sure to fill this form only if you played Skylords in the past 3 months at least. We're trying to gather as much as we can from that period. So to make sure all data we're getting from this form is accurate, make sure to answer only if you played during that time.
What is your Discord & In-game name? *
How much do you play Skylords? *
Do you experience any crashes or freezes in game? *
If your answer to the previous question is yes, how many times does this occur per day? (Write N/A if you said "No") *
If you experience any crashes or freezes what are you doing at that specific moment?
If you checked at least one of the two last answers from the previous question, this is where you need to give us all details you can!
Did you report your issues through the forums or discord? If not, for what reason? Do you have any feedback about the current report system? *
Are you experiencing any other technical "server" issues you'd like to inform us about? *
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